Ways to Win: Spectacular Spieth

There is more than one way to win a golf tournament, Ways to Win will break down how the winner did it each week. 

After four consecutive top 10 finishes, Spieth re-emerged in the winners circle. The difference? A hot start in brutal conditions as Spieth put himself in position after round one, rather than digging a hole as he has in recent tournaments.

Once in position, Spieth did what Spieth does and separated himself from the field with the flatstick on Saturday. He gained almost 4.8 strokes on the field with the putter while hanging around the middle of the pack in other strokes gained categories on Saturday.

However, it isn’t just the putter that allowed Jordan Spieth to coast to his 9th PGA Tour victory. Jordan Spieth’s iron game has improved on his performance last year to put him back in contention. Let’s take a look at how Spieth’s performance this week compares to the season’s winners…

This week Jordan clearly separated himself with the irons and flatstick, while actually losing strokes from the tee and around the green. Perhaps all the work he has put in on getting his irons back to 2015 caliber has cost him some touch around the greens.

Jordan’s other tool in the bag is his iron play. These two areas combined assisted in the win this week in California. The interesting part of the story is where he was average. Compared to the ‘Top 50’ players on Tour and this years ‘Winners’, Jordan didn’t gain any strokes in Driving or Short Game.

These two areas still lag behind in identifying key areas of the game to winning. Was this due to the length of the course or perhaps the windy conditions and saturated course aiding in the lack of Strokes Gained. Doesn’t matter, with great irons and the trusted flatstick, this recipe earned Jordan another PGA Tour win.

Jordan proves there isn’t only one way to win on tour.

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