Part 01: Setup and Main Menu

When you start the app you’ll be prompted for all necessary information to get up and running quickly. We do require a valid email address to help us track unique users and to enable you to recover your data should something ever happen. Your initial login requires an internet connection and an active login for iCloud. This app uses iCloud storage to save your rounds and can’t be used without logging into iCloud in settings.

Once registered, jump right in and Play Golf!

Review Rounds lets you resume a round you may have forgot to finish or to go see shot for shot where you were.

The good stuff is in Coaches Corner. Access requires a subscription, but for the price of a green fee you can have the same data as pros on the PGA Tour.

This is where you’ll connect with coaches or friends and share your data. It’s also where our virtual coach will guide you through the analysis. We have more data than you’ll know what do with… but we’ll guide you through it.

Part 02: Round Types

You’ll be prompted to pick a round type. This is solely for separating and filtering your data later in case you wanted to see how your performance might change when playing with the weekly group or playing in a tournament such as the club championship.

Part 03: Selecting a Course

Pocket PAR uses your GPS location to find nearby courses when you are ready to play. If you are putting in data after a round, you can always search for the course based on proximity or click Find Course by Region to find a course and input data for a round you played at another time.

Can’t find your course? Use ParMaps to add it to the database! Our courses are crowd sourced, so you’re never more than a few clicks from being able to play any course you like.

Part 04: Interface

If you’re on the course you’ll see your location and your distances to each portion of the green. Handy zoom buttons will quickly get you to what you need to see.

Hold and drag on the screen to get yardage to any point and the layup yardage to the pin.

Buttons on the right allow you to track each shot as you play. Rather than put in scores or data, simply mark your geo-location as you play! The shot information will be used to give you all the data you’re used to: Score, Putts, Fairways, GIR, etc…; and plenty of data you’re not: Strokes Gained!

Part 05: Tracking

When you click on a lie, such as Tee for your first shot, the system defaults to marking your current GPS location. You can override this by simply tapping on the screen in the location you are playing from.

Of course, you can zoom and pan as needed to get a good look at where you hit the shot from.

Track your shots as you play (or after) and you will have a history of where you were as you played.

In the background, PocketPAR is performing detailed analysis on your golf data to help you improve. We can keep track of all of your traditional stats as well as advanced metrics, such as Strokes Gained. We can also tell you how long you typically drive the ball and what your average proximity to the hole is for shots from the rough at 150 yards! You can go as deep as you want with the data we provide.

At any time you can click on the scorecard to see how you are doing.

Part 06: Pin Placement

Pin in the wrong place? Move it! Press the Move Pin button and tap around on the screen until you get it where you want it.

Now your center yardages are to the pin. In addition, this location will be the one used to calculate proximity to the hole for all previous shots and strokes gained data.

Part 07: Putting

Once you get to the green and mark your putts, you’ll encounter a pop-up menu. This is because GPS locations are only accurate to a couple yards, which is perfect for most shots, but on the green we want to track your stats in feet to get the best data.

The quick pop-up box allows you to quickly tap the range of the putt. You can approximate 3ft per pace. As long as you are consistent in your measurement, variations from the actual distance is not important in the data. If you want to input the data more accurately, you have that option by tapping Detailed Entry where you can input the length of your putts by the foot.

Part 08: Scorecard

The scorecard defaults to traditional data, but gives you useful information that you never directly gave us, such as:

  • Length - This is the length of the hole you played ‘as the crow flies’. So while it won’t match the scorecard yardage, it is the one we want for strokes gained.
  • Score - We just add up your shots and we know what you scored.
  • Putts / Fairways / Greens - Traditional stats that we get from the data you input so you can see what you’re used to seeing.
  • Ft. Putts Made - Just a small example of how we can keep track of more interesting stats. Feel like you made some bombs that day? You’ll see it here.

But the good stuff is shown when you tap on Strokes Gained.

Part 09: Strokes Gained

Alright, you’ve heard them talk about it on TV, you knew you wanted strokes gained… But this looks confusing.

Don’t worry, we collect your data as you play and will do all the heavy lifting for you. As you continue to track your shots, we’ll figure out where you can improve and give you easy to digest analytics that will help you improve.

In this scorecard view, we just give you the basics, how many strokes you are gaining (positive numbers) and losing (negative numbers) to the average tour pro. Now the tour pro is just a reference, so don’t feel bad. Once we have data for more golfers you'll be able to choose another reference, such as 10 handicappers.

For now, you can see which category is costing you the most and if this was your card… spend less time putting and get to work on your irons!

When you’re done playing you can click on the hole button at the bottom of the GPS screen and head to the main menu to dive into some analysis.

Part 10: Coaches Corner

You can connect with other users of the app in Coaches Cornerwith just an email address.

Click on Add Golfer, enter their email address, and if they are a registered user you’ll be connected.

Then you can click on the golfer whose data you want to analyze or rounds you want to review.