Player Summary

This shows a player's performance in four key categories: Driving, Approach Shots, Short Game, and Putting.

  • Driving: All tee shots on Par 4s and 5s
  • Approach Shots: All shots >75 yards and not included in driving
  • Short Game: All shots
  • Putting: All shots from the green

The number represents strokes gained / lost when compared to the performance of the average PGA Tour pro. Therefore, -3.8 Driving implies that the player loses 3.8 strokes per round compared to the performance of a tour pro. A positive number would indicate gaining strokes on the PGA Tour pro.

The data is then normalized to the individual player in order to show which areas are strengths or weaknesses for that golfer. For example, despite losing 1.9 strokes in short game to the average Tour Pro, short game is the strongest part of this player's game.

Driving Summary

A summary of a player's driving performance on Par 4s and 5s. Indicates the total percent of fairways hit and direction of misses. Also indicates a player's maximum drive distance and average drive distance for selected rounds.

Approach Summary

This shows the player's performance on approach shots.

Approach shots are all shots >75 yards, excluding tee shots on par 4s and 5s and shots from 'Recovery' lies.

Percentages indicate how often approach shots are missed in each direction as well as how many successfully hit the Green in Regulation (GIR).

The average end proximity of all approach shots is also indicated.

Scrambling Summary

Scrambling Summary shows data for all shots

Numbers indicated are:

  • Strokes Gained / Lost
  • Successful up and down percentage
  • (Successes / Attempts)
  • Avg. Resulting Proximity to the Hole

At the bottom are the overall scrambling percentage and proximity to the hole statistics.

Putting Summary

Simple graphic showing overall putt percentages from all shots on the 'Green'.

Holeout indicates percentage of opportunities where the shot was holed out without a putt attempt (ex. a chip-in).

Traditional Statistics

A summary of traditional golf statistics, including fairway hit percentage, greens in regulation, scrambling percentage, and number of putts per round.

Scoring Impact

This table indicates strokes gained / lost by category as well as the impact on your overall game.

Impact indicates the correlation between a given category of strokes gained and score. The closer the number to 1 (or -1) the more impact that category has on overall score. In the data shown, approach shots have the largest impact on overall score (excluding Tee2Green).

Tee2Green indicates strokes gained on all shots not from the 'Green'.

Courses Played

This view shows a map of all the courses played by the selected player.

Touching an annotation will bring up the round summary including date, score, and strokes gained.

Scoring Summary

This table shows scoring summary data for selected rounds. Percentages are shown for each type of par (3, 4, and 5) and for each type of score (birdie, par, bogey, etc.).

Average score are shown for each par as well. 'In' indicates totals for each of the listed categories.

Total number of holes played in selection is also shown in the summary label at the top of the view.