Scoring Impact

Scoring Impact

how to get a response on online dating sites This table shows the correlation between various aspects of your golf game and score. The closer the impact number to 1, the stronger the correlation to scoring.

view publisher site Impact numbers closer to 0 indicate that there is little relationship between that facet of the game and the end result score. Tee2Greenindicates all non-putting areas of the golf game.

Scoring Impact - Tee2Green

This plot shows strokes gained performance for non-"Green" lies vs. score for a given round.

In this case, the impact value is 0.93, indicating strong correlation. This would imply that putting performance has less of an overall impact on total score from round to round than other areas of the game for this individual.

Scoring Impact - Fairways

This plot shows number of fairways hit vs. score for a given round.

In general, traditional stats like fairways hit and number of putts will not have as great a correlation to performance as more advanced metrics such as Strokes Gained Driving and Strokes Gained Putting.

This is why there is more value in tracking shots, rather than tracking more traditional metrics.