Approach Summary

Approach Summary

Proximity by Distance

This plot shows average proximity to the hole from different distances.

This allows for comparisons in ball striking between players or even to PGA Tour averages.

GIR by Distance

Greens in Regulation by distance shows how often the player is able to hit the green from various distances from the target. The bars are colored by the direction in which the green is missed allowing for quick analysis to see trends, such as missing short and left.

Selecting a bar or point on the line will allow for deeper analysis of a particular distance.

Strokes Gained by Distance

This plot shows how the per shot strokes gained performance changes for a given player as they move further from the target from various lies. The line overlay shows the total per shot average for all lies from that distance.

Shot Proximity

Shot proximity shows the distribution of shots from a selected distance bucket. In addition, the right-hand summary shows the percentage of shots that land on the green (GIR) or miss left / right / long / short.

The average end proximity is also summarized. Selecting any shot will give more detailed information and allow the user to review that shot in more detail.