PocketPAR on Apple Watch

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The most requested feature for PocketPAR has been Apple Watch support and it is finally here. In the latest release, PocketPAR now officially supports Apple Watch both for yardages and for shot tracking.

The Watch extension requires WatchOS4.0+ be installed and is compatible with all versions of Apple Watch. Quickly get yardages to front / middle / back portions of the green.

Track shots by tapping the score button. Your current GPS location will be saved and you will be given an opportunity to indicate your lie and club used.

Select your lie or mark the location of the hole by pressing the pin button. The data is saved and sent to your phone as soon as a connection is available.

We kept it simple. Nobody wants to stare at small maps on their wrist or try to zoom in on a screen of this size. Simple yardages, simple shot tracking.

For more complicated needs (such as editing shots, layup yardages, and scorecards), the data is always right at your fingertips on your phone. We wanted a watch app that allows you to focus on golf while making tracking shots even easier.

Let’s #MakeMoreBirdies.

**Note: There are limitations when using Apple Watch that prevent PocketPAR from forcing GPS data from the watch. In some cases GPS data will come from the iPhone. For more details and work-arounds, please see our blog on Apple Watch Limitations.

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