Feature Focus: Summary and Statistics

Golf is hard. PocketPAR makes it easier.

Time to highlight features you may have missed and show how PocketPAR can help you improve. 

So you’ve finished your round, logged all your shots, and saved the data… Now what? As you’re about to head to the 19th hole and reflect on the day’s adventures, time to arm you with some analysis. PocketPAR‘s round summary will get you what you need from advanced to traditional statistics.

So you shot +9 and you’re counting all the shots you left on the table… PocketPAR does the hard work for you. Using reference data, your round will be broken down by strokes gained category to tell you where you truly left the most strokes on the table. Learn which parts of your game are the most consistent and which areas lead to your poor rounds.

Subscribe to our advanced data and enable the ability to change your reference from Tour Pro to one of 6 handicap levels.

Let’s talk stats… Your longest drive, average approach shot proximity, feet of putts made… Its all there.

Of course we’ve also got more traditional stats such as fairways, greens, scrambling, and number of putts. In our case, we consider any up and down opportunity inside 75 yards as scrambling, regardless of whether it is for par or worse.

Lastly, get a quick snapshot of how you did in the four keys. These are four areas that directly impact your ability to score. Minimize these and it will translate to better rounds of golf. In this round it is clear that my mistakes were big, a mix of poor putts and a few wayward drives that were expensive.

Like what you see? Brag or commiserate with others by sharing your round summary via Facebook and Twitter. Or quickly view your scorecard to see a hole by hole summary and heatmap.

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