About Us

Golf is hard. Golf can be frustrating.

Pocket buy Lyrica india PAR was born from this frustration. Tired of spending hours practicing and seeing little return in terms of on-course performance, we needed a better way to understand our golf game.

In 2014,  view Mark Broadie published Every Shot Counts, a book that changed the way the golf industry looks at performance on the course by introducing Strokes Gained / Lost. Traditional stats such as fairways, greens , and putts just don't cut it. They don't correlate with performance.

For a year we started tracking our own stats in spreadsheets. Creating stats and learning about our golf games in a whole new light. It enabled more focused practice. Doing more with less time. Improving and enjoying the game more. We wanted to spread that knowledge and enable others to have key insights into their golf game, but nobody loves spreadsheets. It's a very small percentage of the population that has the patience to tediously log every shot in a spreadsheet. We simplified that process in a way that every golfer can get behind.

Lots of hard work later and we are on the App Store with more detailed golf analysis than our competitors. Our goal is to give you tour level analytics in the palm of your hand.

We are just like you. We have limited time to dump into the game that we love. Pocket free dating apps to chat PAR helps us optimize that time and focus on the right areas so we can do what we love...

PAR Labs Team


Dallas Webster



http://vitaminswithiron.com/70905-dte78298-christian-dating-sites-in-usa.html Strokes Gained

  • Driving -3.8
  • Approach -3.9
  • Short -2.0
  • Putting -2.2
  • Tee2Green -9.7

James Hebert



Strokes Gained

  • Driving -5.1
  • Approach -8.8
  • Short -5.0
  • Putting -2.9
  • Tee2Green -18.9