Why higher level analysis?

Golf is hard. Improving at golf can be a daunting task. While lessons and / or practice will almost certainly help a golfer to improve their game, knowing where to focus that attention is a critical piece to the puzzle and can help you accelerate improvement or get over that next hurdle.

Traditional statistics, such as fairways, greens, and number of putts fall short of correlating to the metric we all care about:  where to buy Lyrica cream SCORE! Every golfer has a gut feel for areas of strength and weakness in their game, but what if we could quantify just how good you are in each area? How many strokes do you gain or lose on the putting green? On the tee? From 150 yards in a fairway bunker?

Nobody wants to slave away on the range hitting 6-irons when they are losing 3 strokes per round on the green.

These days on the PGA Tour, every shot detail is recorded by the Shotlink system, and Tour players employ statisticians to crunch numbers and track performance to highlight areas of weakness throughout the season.

The Pocket Performance Analytics Recorder, or Pocket look at more info PAR, bridges the gap to bring Shotlink equivalent data to amateur golfers. The intuitive software will track every shot in detail and give advanced analysis in a way that is easy to understand. In addition to traditional statistics such as Greens in Regulation, Putts, and Fairways, the system will provide detailed Strokes Gained analysis, advanced putting information, driving distances, and much more.

The system requires no hardware other than a smartphone with the PocketPAR App installed.