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Every great golfer needs a great caddie

Pocket buy proscar uk PAR is your caddie. Rangefinder functionality provides accurate yardages needed for you to play your best golf. With intuitive touchscreen controls, tap anywhere on the course to get accurate yardages to hazards, layup locations, and greens using the GPS on your phone. It is like having over 9,000 yardage books sitting in your phone. Pocket can you buy topamax over the counter in the uk PAR database is crowdsourced, allowing you to add it seemlessly in the Pocket browse around this site PARdb companion app.

Stats Guy

Every great golfer needs a stats guy

Pocket visit our website PAR is your stats guy. Tracking shots has never been easier. Using Pocket PAR‘s simple method, you’re just a few taps away from recording every shot. The PGA Tour may have hundreds of volunteers measuring their every shot with lasers, but you have PocketPAR. Using GPS logged information, every shot is tracked including distance and advanced statistical measures such as strokes gained and proximity to the hole.

Stats Geek

Not a stats geek?

No problem. PocketPAR will breakdown your stats into an easy to interpret format so that you can quickly learn what you need to work on to improve. From Tee to Green, PocketPARprovides detailed analysis across all parts of your game. And if you are a numbers guy, PocketPAR has more than enough to keep you satisfied and digging deeper to save those last few strokes to lower that handicap.


Want to compete with buddies or leading a golf team?

PocketPAR‘s easy sharing functionality allows you to sync up with buddies or teammates and compare data. Compete to see who can make the most birdies or hit the longest drives or gain the most strokes.

Make more birdies.