New Years Resolution – Make More Birdies!

It’s a new year and with that comes new goals. We all want to lower our handicap and become better players. The best way to improve is to set realistic and measurable goals.

No matter which area of your golf game needs improvement, PocketPAR can measure and track progress towards your goals.

Driving Distance

Maybe you’re lifting weights or taking lessons to improve technique and add distance… PocketPAR tracks both average and max distance for drives of every round you play. Watch your distance increase through the year by viewing the driving distance trend.

Approach – Greens in Regulation

Hitting more greens leads to lower scores. This year commit to hitting more greens. PocketPAR tracks every GIR opportunity you have and buckets by distance so that you can see where you have the most opportunities and your greens in regulation percentage. Struggling from 150-175 yards? Find out which direction you miss and put in extra work.

Short Game

Scrambling can be a misleading statistic. If you’re struggling to get the ball up and down, it could be poor wedge play or poor putting. You can separate the two by looking at strokes gained categories or by measuring proximity to the hole. PocketPAR does both. Track your progress improving short game by measuring proximity to the hole from various lies around the green. Work to knock off a few feet in average proximity to the hole and see scrambling percentages improve throughout the year.

Putting Make Percentages

Putting is the great equalizer. The flatstick can erase mistakes and demoralize opponents. Making putts is of critical importance, but so is avoiding three putts. Luckily, PocketPAR gives you both. See your detailed putting statistics and compare yourself to the pros. No other app tracks putting like PocketPAR. PocketPAR overcomes GPS shortcomings with simplified user input and gives you the data you need to know where to focus.

Whatever your 2017 goals, #MakeMoreBirdies with PocketPAR!

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