From the Lab: New Features – 1.22.2017

Golf is hard. PocketPAR makes it easier.

We’ve been hard at work in the lab cooking up new features to help our users get the most out of every round. Time to show off how PocketPAR can help you improve.

Coaches Corner

Golf is better with friends!

Whether you’re coaching a golf team or just need bragging rights with your buddies. Coaches Corner gives you the capability you need to share stats and accomplishments among a group. All you need is an email address and you can add your buddies to your golfers list and follow their golf games. Have instant access to the ability to review their rounds and if they subscribe, access to detailed data regarding their golf game. PocketPAR will check for updates as you use it to make sure you stay on top of what your peers are doing.

Not convinced you want to subscribe? Two demo accounts are available in Coaches Corner to change your mind. Missing key data you’d like to see? Let us know at

Hole History

Where should you hit it? Which path leads to the lowest scores? If you play a course often enough you may have an idea of which side leads to lower scores, but with hole history you can quantify which route leads to the best chance at birdie.

Summary overlays also let you know which holes play the hardest for you. Insights can point to uncomfortable tee shots or visuals which need more focus in practice.

Personal Records

What is your longest par streak? Most consecutive holes without a 3 putt? We see these stats all the time watching the pros on tv, but have no idea how we compare. PocketPAR is able to track all these stats and more. How about a friendly competition or wager with friends on who can record the longest holeout in 2017? Personal Records update with filter settings, meaning you can set up competitions with your friends for the week or month. See who can make the most birdies in a round, hit the longest drive, or hit the most consecutive greens!

Social Media

Just finished the round of your life? Want to share with friends? Updated round summary allows for easy sharing via Twitter and Facebook. The reporting and stats in the Round Summary have been dramatically improved to give you the key takeaways from your round.

Subscribers can also change their strokes gained reference to one of 7 handicap levels.

Time to #MakeMoreBirdies.


Want to compare performance in tournaments vs casual rounds? Or compare your last 5 rounds to the previous 20? Did you buy a new driver and want to see if your distance has improved? PocketPAR allows you to dial in which rounds you want to look at so that you can get what you need from your data when you need it.

Improved Usability

There are lots of subtle improvements we’ve made over the last month, including improved round review capability, zoom functionality, and stats help links to our website. Not to mention, a complete makeover of advanced statistics in Coaches Corner. Our goal is to innovate and give you what you need to improve.

Have suggestions? Email or tweet us your thoughts and let’s #MakeMoreBirdies.


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